This property indicates whether or the implicit database connection is available for use.


// C#
public static bool IsAvailable {get;}

Property Value

Returns true if the implicit database connection is available for use.


The availability of the implicit database connection can be checked at runtime through this static property. When Oracle Data Provider for .NET is used within a .NET stored procedure, this property always returns true. Otherwise, false is returned.

To obtain an OracleConnection object in a .NET stored procedure that represents the implicit database connection, set the ConnectionString property of the OracleConnection object to "context connection=true" and invoke the Open method.

Note that not all features that are available for an explicit user connection are available for an implicit database connection. See "Implicit Database Connection" for details.


// C# (Library/DLL)
using System;
using Oracle.DataAccess.Client;
public class IsAvailableSample
  static void MyStoredProcedure()
    OracleConnection con = new OracleConnection();
    if (OracleConnection.IsAvailable)
      // This function is invoked as a stored procedure
      // Obtain the implicit database connection by setting
      //   "context connection=true" in the connection string
      con.ConnectionString = "context connection=true";
      // This function is not invoked as a stored procedure
      // Set the connection string for a normal client connection
      con.ConnectionString = "user id=scott;password=tiger;data source=oracle";