OracleDatabase Members

OracleDatabase members are listed in the following tables.

OracleDatabase Constructors

The OracleDatabase constructor is listed in Table 6-70.

Table 6-70 OracleDatabase Constructors

Constructor Description

OracleDatabase Constructors

Instantiates a new instance of OracleDatabase class

OracleDatabase Properties

The OracleDatabase properties are listed in Table 6-71.

Table 6-71 OracleDatabase Properties

Property Description


Specifies the database version number of the Oracle Database instance to which the connection is made

OracleDatabase Public Methods

The OracleDatabase public methods are listed in Table 6-72.

Table 6-72 OracleDatabase Public Methods

Public Method Description


Releases any resources or memory allocated by the object.


Executes the supplied non-SELECT statement against the database


Shuts down the database (Overloaded)


Starts up the database (Overloaded)