OracleShardingKey Members

OracleShardingKey members are listed in the following tables.

OracleShardingKey Constructors

OracleShardingKey constructors are listed in Table 6-163.

Table 6-163 OracleShardingKey Constructors

Constructor Description

OracleShardingKey Constructors

Instantiates a new instance of OracleShardingKey class (Overloaded)

OracleShardingKey Instance Methods

OracleShardingKey instance methods are listed in Table 6-164.

Table 6-164 OracleShardingKey Instance Methods

Method Description

SetShardingKey(OracleDbType, object)

Enables applications to set a key within the OracleShardingKey object


Enables applications to explicitly dispose the OracleShardingKey object