6 Issues Affecting Oracle Solaris for Oracle Database 19c

These topics contain last-minute features and changes for Oracle Solaris for Oracle Database 19c.

Unsupported Products for Oracle Solaris

In addition to the list of unavailable products or features in this release of Oracle Database 19c, the following product is not supported for Oracle Solaris:

  • Net Configuration Assistant Support

Bug 21816875

Net Configuration Assistant (NETCA) is not supported on Oracle Solaris on SPARC (32-Bit) and Oracle Solaris on x86 (32-Bit) client platforms.

Product Support

These are the supported products or features for Oracle Database 19c:

  • Oracle Solaris Support on SPARC

    Oracle Database 19c is supported on Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit).

  • Database Smart Flash Cache Support

    Database Smart Flash Cache is supported on Oracle Solaris.

  • Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM Support

    Although Oracle ADVM supports raw disks in Oracle Automatic Storage Management disk groups, Oracle ADVM device special files created through raw are not supported; Oracle ADVM only supports block device special files.

    For the latest information about supported platforms and releases, see the Note 1369107.1 on My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com

Linking Applications with Oracle Client Libraries for Oracle Solaris

You must use the dynamic Oracle client libraries to link the client code on Oracle Solaris.

 Do not link the static Oracle client libraries.

Preinstallation Requirements for Oracle Solaris

Refer to the installation guides for the preinstallation requirements for Oracle Database 19c.

Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Issues for Oracle Solaris

These topics describe information about issues that affect Oracle Database installation, configuration, and upgrade.

Bug 21800407

When installing Oracle Database for English and Japanese environments, the background font incorrectly displays yellow color for the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), and Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) pages.


Prior to installing Oracle Database, run the following command:

export _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dsun.java2d.xrender=false'

Bug 28650933

Installing and using Oracle Secure Backup 12.2 on Oracle Solaris 11.4 may fail if the library libnls.so is not available in standard system library paths, since the Oracle Secure Backup libraries depend on libnls.so.


Upgrade the Oracle Solaris OS version to Oracle Solaris and then install Oracle Secure Backup 12.2. Alternate workaround is to copy the file /usr/ib/64/libnls.so.1 from an Oracle Solaris 11.3 machine to the /usr/lib/64 path in the Oracle Solaris 11.4 machine where Oracle Secure Backup 12.2 needs to be installed.

Bug 24355490

When installing or upgrading an Oracle Grid Infrastructure home on Oracle Solaris 10, if the desired software location resides under a soft link, then the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installer incorrectly sets the physical path as the software location.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Set the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installer specifying the complete path to the desired Oracle home path:

    Complete Oracle home path/gridSetup.sh

  2. Proceed with the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

Open Bugs Affecting Oracle Solaris

There are no open bugs affecting Oracle Solaris at the time of the release.