20.16 DBFS Content API Abstract Operations

All of the operations in the DBFS Content API are represented as abstract opcodes.

Clients can useopcodes to directly and explicitly invoke the CHECKACCESS() method which verifies if a particular operation can be invoked by a given principal on a particular path name.

An op_acl() is an implicit operation invoked during an op_create() or op_put() call, which specifies a std_acl property. The operation tests to see if the principal is allowed to set or change the ACL of a store item.

op_delete() represents the soft-deletion, purge, and restore operations.

The source and destination operations of a rename or move operation are separated, although stores are free to unify these opcodes and to also treat a rename as a combination of delete and create.

op_store is a catch-all category for miscellaneous store operations that do not fall under any of the other operational APIs.

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