13.1 Initialization Parameter for SecureFiles LOBs

As a database administrator, you can configure the conditions that control or allow creation of SecureFiles LOBs or BasicFiles LOBs. Typically, you set up the DB_SECUREFILE parameter in the init.ora file for this purpose.

The DB_SECUREFILE initialization parameter is dynamic and can be modified with the ALTER SYSTEM statement in the following way:


The valid values for this parameter are described in the following table:

Value Description
NEVER Prevents SecureFiles LOBs from being created. If NEVER is specified, then any LOBs that are specified as SecureFiles LOBs are created as BasicFiles LOBs. If storage options are not specified, then the BasicFiles LOB defaults are used. All SecureFiles LOB-specific storage options and features such as compress, encrypt, and deduplicate throw an exception.
IGNORE Always create BasicFile LOBs, and ignore any errors that the SecureFile LOB options might cause. If IGNORE is specified, then the SECUREFILE keyword and all SecureFiles LOB options are ignored.
PERMITTED Allows SecureFiles LOBs to be created, if specified by users. Otherwise, BasicFiles LOBs are created.
PREFERRED(default) Attempts to create a SecureFiles LOB unless BasicFiles LOB is explicitly specified for the LOB or the parent LOB (if the LOB is in a partition or sub-partition).
ALWAYS Attempts to create SecureFiles LOBs, but creates any LOBs not in ASSM tablespaces as BasicFiles LOBs, unless the SECUREFILE parameter is explicitly specified. Any BasicFiles LOB storage options specified are ignored, and the SecureFiles LOB defaults are used for all storage options not specified.
FORCE Attempts to create all LOBs as SecureFiles LOBs even if users specify BASICFILE. This option is not recommended. Instead, PREFERRED or ALWAYS should be used.