1.2 What Are Large Objects?

Large Objects (LOBs), SecureFiles LOBs, and Database File System (DBFS) work together with various database features to support application development.

Large Objects

The maximum size for a single LOB can range from 8 terabytes to 128 terabytes depending on how your database is configured. Storing data in LOBs enables you to access and manipulate the data efficiently in your application.

SecureFile LOBs

SecureFile LOBs are LOBs that are created in a tablespace managed with Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM). SecureFiles is the default storage mechanism for LOBs in database tables. Oracle strongly recommends SecureFiles for storing and managing LOBs.

Database File System (DBFS)

Database File System (DBFS) provides a file system interface to files that are stored in an Oracle Database.

Files stored in an Oracle Database are usually stored as SecureFiles LOBs, and path names, directories, and other file system information is stored in the database tables. SecureFiles LOBs is the default storage method for DBFS, but BasicFiles LOBs can be used in some situations.

With DBFS, you can make references from SecureFiles LOB locators to files stored outside the database. These references are called DBFS Links or Database File System Links.