Interface AQAgent

  • public interface AQAgent
    An Agent represents and identifies a user of the queue, either producer or consumer of the message, either an end-user or an application. An Agent is identified by a name, an address and a protocol. The name can be either assigned by the application, or be the application itself. The address is determined in terms of the communication protocol. If the protocol is 0 (default), the address is of the form[schema.]queuename[@dblink], a database link.
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    • Method Detail

      • setAddress

        void setAddress​(String address)
                 throws SQLException
        Protocol-specific address of the recipient. If the protocol is 0 (default), the address is of the form [schema.]queue[@dblink].
      • getAddress

        String getAddress()
      • setProtocol

        void setProtocol​(int protocol)
                  throws SQLException
        Protocol to interpret the address and propagate the message. The default (and currently the only supported) value is 0. The only valid value is zero, which is also the default.
      • getProtocol

        int getProtocol()