Class AQNotificationEvent

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    public abstract class AQNotificationEvent
    extends EventObject
    An AQNotificationEvent will be created whenever a new message is enqueued in a queue for which you have registered your interest (see OracleConnection.registerAQNotification).

    The AQNotificationEvent provides information about the new message that has been enqueued.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • AQNotificationEvent

        protected AQNotificationEvent​(Object source)
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    • Method Detail

      • getRegistration

        public abstract String getRegistration()
                                        throws SQLException
        Retrieves the registration name which is the name that you provided when you registered for AQ notification with the registerAQNotification method.

        In the case of a single consumer queue, the registration name is the name of the queue whereas in the case of a multi-consumer queue, it's the name of the queue plus the name of the consumer ("SCOTT.MY_QUEUE:RECEIVER").

      • getPayload

        public abstract byte[] getPayload()
                                   throws SQLException
        Retrieves the payload of the new message. Note that this feature only works with RAW queues and that it needs to be activated with the OracleConnection.NTF_AQ_PAYLOAD option during registration.
      • getMessageId

        public abstract byte[] getMessageId()
                                     throws SQLException
        Retrieves the ID of the new message.
      • getConsumerName

        public abstract String getConsumerName()
                                        throws SQLException
        Retrieves the name of the consumer. In the case of a multi-consumer queue, this retrieves the name of the consumer upon which you register for AQ notification.
      • getConnectionInformation

        public abstract String getConnectionInformation()
        Retrieves a description of the TCP connection on which the notification was received.