Interface AQNotificationRegistration

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    public interface AQNotificationRegistration
    extends NotificationRegistration
    This class represents your interest in being notified when a new message is enqueued in a particular queue. This feature is called AQ asynchronous notification.

    You retrieve an instance or multiple instances of this class by calling the method registerAQNotification on the connection.

    Code example:

         Properties globalOptions = new Properties(); 
         // Here we register our interest into one single-consumer  
         // queue called "SCOTT.MY_RAW_QUEUE" which needs to be properly  
         // created and started:  
         String[] queueNameArr = new String[1];  
         queueNameArr[0] = "SCOTT.MY_RAW_QUEUE"; 
         Properties[] opt = new Properties[1]; 
         opt[0] = new Properties(); 
         // we want to retrieve the payload within the notification:  
         // 'conn' is a valid instance of OracleConnection: 
         AQNotificationRegistration[] regArr  
           = conn.registerAQNotification(queueNameArr,opt,globalOptions); 
         AQNotificationRegistration reg = regArr[0]; 
         // listener is an instance of AQNotificationListener: