15.21 DROP TYPE BODY Statement

The DROP TYPE BODY statement drops the body of an ADT, VARRAY type, or nested table type.

When you drop a type body, the type specification still exists, and you can re-create the type body. Prior to re-creating the body, you can still use the type, although you cannot invoke its member functions.



The type body must be in your schema or you must have the DROP ANY TYPE system privilege.




Name of the schema containing the type. Default: your schema.


Name of the type body to be dropped.

Restriction on type_name

You can drop a type body only if it has no type or table dependencies.


Example 15-41 Dropping an ADT Body

This statement removes the ADT body data_typ1. See "CREATE TYPE Statement" for the example that creates this ADT.

DROP TYPE BODY data_typ1;