About Administering an Oracle Database Instance Using Microsoft Management Console Snapin

You can perform the administrative activities on an Oracle Database from Microsoft Management Console Snap-In.

The Oracle Instance Manager Snap-In provides centralized management of instances for all Oracle Database Homes.

You can locate the Oracle Instance Manager Snap-In in the path ORACLE_HOME\MMC Snap-Ins\oradim or by clicking on the Oracle Instance Manager shortcut in the Oracle Home.

The Snap-In lists the Oracle Database Homes in the scope pane and clicking on them displays the Oracle Database services for the selected Oracle Database Home in the results pane. You can perform all the operations that are done in ORADIM using the Snap-In.

Right-click the Oracle Database Home in the scope pane to Create an Instance, ACL, and Family options. Right-click the service in the result pane to view the Edit, Delete, Startup, and Shutdown options.

A dialog box for the selected item appears where you choose the options and on clicking OK, the action is done. You can use the Snap-In only with the administrator privileges.


Oracle Instance Manager Snap-In for information about Snap-Ins by pressing F1 or clicking Help