Starting an Instance and Services Using ORADIM

Learn how to start an instance and services using ORADIM.

To use ORADIM to start an instance and services, enter:

oradim -STARTUP -SID SID | -ASMSID SID [-SYSPWD password] [-STARTTYPE srvc | 
inst | srvc,inst] [-PFILE filename | -SPFILE]

For this command, note the following:

  • -STARTUP indicates that you are starting an instance that already exists. This is a mandatory parameter.

  • -SID SID is the name of the instance to start.

  • -ASMSID SID is the name of the Oracle Automatic Storage Management instance to start.

  • -STARTTYPE srvc, inst indicates whether to start the service or the instance. One or both values can be specified. If it is not specified, then the registry is checked for the current setting.

    -STARTTYPE srvc is the equivalent of running net start oracleservicesid from the command line.

    -STARTTYPE inst is the equivalent of running startup within SQL*Plus.

  • -PFILE filename is the initialization parameter file to be used with this instance. Ensure that you specify the complete path name of this file, including drive letter.

  • -SPFILE indicates that a server parameter file (SPFILE) be used during startup instead of a PFILE.

To start an instance called puma, for example, enter:

C:\> oradim -STARTUP -SID puma -STARTTYPE inst -PFILE C:\app\username\admin\prod\pfile\init.ora