This property specifies whether to suppress the InvalidCastException and return a rounded-off 28 or 29 precision Oracle NUMBER value that can be represented as a .NET decimal.


// C#
public bool SuppressGetDecimalInvalidCastException { get; set; }

Property Type



Oracle NUMBER has a maximum of 38 precision. .NET Decimal has a maximum of 28 or 29 precision. When the GetDecimal() method is called for an Oracle NUMBER value that cannot be represented as a .NET Decimal, then ODP.NET throws an InvalidCastException because not all the precision can be preserved when converting the number to a .NET Decimal.

This behavior occurs when SuppressGetDecimalInvalidCastException is set to false. Its default value is false.

When SuppressGetDecimalInvalidCastException is set to true, then the resulting decimal will be rounded off to 28 or 29 precision so that it can fit as a .NET decimal without throwing an exception.