This property specifies a value that enables or disables batch processing support, and specifies the number of SQL statements that can be executed in a single round-trip to the database.


// C#
public virtual int UpdateBatchSize {get; set;}

Property Value

An integer that returns the batch size.


ArgumentOutOfRangeException - The value is set to a number < 0.


Update batches executed with large amounts of data may encounter an "PLS-00123: Program too large" error. To avoid this error, reduce the size of UpdateBatchSize to a smaller value.

For each row in the DataSet that has been modified, added, or deleted, one SQL statement will be executed on the database.

Values are as follows:

  • Value = 0

    The data adapter executes all the SQL statements in a single database round-trip

  • Value = 1 - Default value

    This value disables batch updating and SQL statements are executed one at a time.

  • Value = n where n > 1

    The data adapter updates n rows of data per database round-trip.