5 List All Employees

The HR web Application has several functionalities. The List All tab in the application displays the details of employees on the web page.

The employee details such as Employee_id, First_name, Last_Name, Email, Phone_number, Job_id, Salary and so on, are retrieved from the Employees table in the database.

In this chapter, you learn to create the basic structure of all the Java classes required to run the HR Web application. You learn to add the code required to build the List All functionality. You will learn how to:List the details of all employees.
  1. Create JavaBean.java and declare a new method getEmployees in JavaBean.java.
  2. Create JavaBeanImpl.java and implement a new method getEmployees in JavaBeanImpl.java.
  3. Create WebController.java to process the request and response.
  4. Create a HTML page listAll.html to display the results.
  5. Create a CSS page app.css to be used by the HR Web Application.


The upcoming chapters of the guide explain the step-by-step instructions to create the Java classes and methods that you require for each functionality of the HR Web Application. Use these instructions as a reference. You can download the complete source code from GitHub. See the Github Repository Details.