This companion book to the Oracle Database Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Precompilers shows you how to write FORTRAN programs that use the powerful database language SQL to access and manipulate Oracle data. It provides examples, instructions, and programming tips, as well as several full-length programs to aid your understanding of embedded SQL and demonstrate its usefulness.

This manual, accompanied by the Oracle Database Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Precompilers, guides you to getting the most from Pro*FORTRAN and embedded SQL.

This preface contains these topics:


This guide is intended for anyone developing new FORTRAN applications or converting existing FORTRAN applications to run in the Oracle environment. Though written specially for programmers, it is also useful to systems analysts, project managers, and others interested in embedded SQL applications.

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To use this manual effectively, you need a working knowledge of the following subjects:

  • Applications programming in FORTRAN

  • The concepts, terminology, and methods discussed in the Oracle Database Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Precompilers

  • The SQL database language

  • Oracle database concepts and terminology


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