catalog database

The Oracle Database in which the Global Data Services catalog resides.


The address or connection point to a global service manager or listener.


Global Data Services command-line interface.

Global Data Services catalog

A repository that holds configuration and run-time status of a Global Data Services configuration, including data on global services, their attributes, and all logical and physical components of the configuration, such as Global Data Services pools, Global Data Services regions, global service managers, and database instances. The catalog may also contain data on replication and network topologies related to the configuration.

Global Data Services configuration

A set of databases that are integrated by the Global Data Services framework into a single virtual server that offers one or more global services, while ensuring high performance, availability, and optimal utilization of resources.

Global Data Services pool

A set of databases within a GDS configuration that provides a unique set of global services and belongs to a certain administrative domain.

Global Data Services region

A logical boundary that contains database clients and servers that are considered to be in proximity to each other.

global service

A database service that can be provided by multiple databases synchronized through data replication.

global service manager

A software component that provides service-level load balancing and centralized management of services within the Global Data Services configuration.

global service

A service that is offered on only one database of a Global Data Services pool at a time.

Oracle Notification Service (ONS)

A publish and subscribe service for communicating information about all FAN events.

valid node checking for registration list



Valid node checking for registration. Allows or denies access from specified IP addresses to Oracle Global Data Services pool.