D System-Specific References

This appendix groups together in one place all references in this guide to system-specific information.

This appendix contains this section:

D.1 System-Specific Information

System-specific information is described in the appropriate Oracle system-specific documentation for your platform.

D.1.1 Location of Standard Header Files

The location of the standard Pro*C/C++ header files—sqlca.h, oraca.h, and sqlda.h—is system specific. For other your system, see your Oracle system-specific documentation.

D.1.2 About Specifying Location of Included Files for the C Compiler

When you use the Pro*C/C++ command-line option INCLUDE= to specify the location of a non-standard file to be included, you should also specify the same location for the C compiler. The way you do this is system specific. See "Include Files".

D.1.3 ANSI C Support

Use the CODE= option to make the C code that Pro*C/C++ generates compatible with your system's C compiler. See "Function Prototyping ".

D.1.4 Struct Component Alignment

C compilers vary in the way they align struct components, usually depending on the system hardware. Use the sqlvcp() function to determine the padding added to the .arr component of a VARCHAR struct. See the section "Find the Length of the VARCHAR Array Component ".

D.1.5 Size of an Integer and ROWID

The size in bytes of integer datatypes and the binary external size of ROWID datatypes are system dependent. See "INTEGER " and "ROWID".

D.1.6 Byte Ordering

The order of bytes in a word is platform dependent. See the section "UNSIGNED ".

D.1.7 About Connecting to the Oracle Server

Connecting to the Oracle server using the Oracle Net drivers involves system-specific network protocols. See the section "Interface to OCI Release 8" for more details.

D.1.8 About Linking in an XA Library

You link in your XA library in a system-dependent way. See the section "Linking ", and your Oracle installation or user's guides, for more information.

D.1.9 Location of the Pro*C/C++ Executable

The location of the Pro*C/C++ Precompiler is system specific. See the section "The Precompiler Command", and your installation or user's guides, for more information.

D.1.10 System Configuration File

Each precompiler installation has a system configuration file. This file is not shipped with the precompiler; it must be created by the system administrator. The location (directory path) which Pro*C/C++ searches for the system configuration file is system dependent. See the section "What Occurs During Precompilation? " for more information.

D.1.11 INCLUDE Option Syntax

The syntax for the value of the INCLUDE command-line option is system specific. See "INCLUDE".

D.1.12 About Compiling and Linking

Compiling and linking your Pro*C/C++ output to get an executable application is always system dependent. See the section "Compile and Link ", and the following sections, for additional information.

D.1.13 User Exits

Compiling and linking Oracle Forms user exits is system specific. See User Exits.