INSERT Statement Extension

The PL/SQL extension to the SQL INSERT statement lets you specify a record name in the values_clause of the single_table_insert instead of specifying a column list in the insert_into_clause

Effectively, this form of the INSERT statement inserts the record into the table; actually, it adds a row to the table and gives each column of the row the value of the corresponding record field.

See Also:

Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for the syntax of the SQL INSERT statement






Typically a table name. For complete information, see Oracle Database SQL Language Reference.


An alias for dml_table_expression_clause.



Name of a record variable of type RECORD or %ROWTYPE. record must represent a row of the item explained by dml_table_expression_clause. That is, for every column of the row, the record must have a field with a compatible data type. If a column has a NOT NULL constraint, then its corresponding field cannot have a NULL value.

See Also:

Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for the complete syntax of the INSERT statement


  • Example 6-60, "Initializing Table by Inserting Record of Default Values"