3 Licensing Restrictions

For more information on licensing details, see Oracle Database Database Licensing Information User Manual

This section covers the following topics:

Oracle Database Free CPU Limitations

Oracle Database Free limits itself automatically to two cores for processing. For example, on a computer with 2 dual-core CPUs (four cores), if a large number of database clients try to simultaneously run CPU-intensive queries, then Oracle Database Free will process the queries at the rate of just two cores even if more CPU capacity is available.

Oracle Database Free Installation and Runtime Restrictions

Oracle Database Free restricts itself to only one installation per logical environment. The logical environment can either be a virtual host such as a VM or container, or a physical host. If you attempt to start more than one Oracle Database Free installation in such a logical environment, then an ORA-00442: Oracle Database Free single instance violation error is displayed and your database will not start.

This does not affect any existing installation or new installations of Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 or Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Oracle Database Free User Data Limitations

The maximum amount of user data in Oracle Database Free cannot exceed 12 GB. If the user data grows beyond this limit, then the system displays an ORA-12954: The request exceeds the maximum allowed database size of 12 GB error.

Oracle Database Free RAM Limitation

The maximum amount of RAM for Oracle Database Free cannot exceed 2 GB, even if more is available.