Creating Customer Managed Oracle REST Data Services User Role

To use Autonomous Database with Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) running in a customer managed environment on your Autonomous Database, you must create a user, grant privileges to the user, and run the procedure ORDS_ADMIN.PROVISION_RUNTIME_ROLE.

Perform the following steps to create a user for the ORDS JDBC Connection Pool and prepare the Autonomous Database instance for using Oracle REST Data Services in a customer managed environment:

  1. Connect to your Autonomous Database as the ADMIN user.
  2. Create a new ORDS user and grant the required privileges to the new user as follows:

    The new user name ORDS_PUBLIC_USER2 is the recommended user name. This name is not required and you can choose a different user name. If you choose a different user name, then all the corresponding user names in these steps need to use the name you choose, rather than ORDS_PUBLIC_USER2.

  3. Create a database user with the ORDS Developer role, so that it can act as an ORDS Runtime user. Additional changes to the ORDS configuration are required to use a user other than ORDS_PUBLIC_USER. As the ADMIN user, run the following procedure:
             p_user => 'ORDS_PUBLIC_USER2',
             p_proxy_enabled_schemas => TRUE);

    Following are the parameters:

    • p_user: The name of the user to be configured.

    • p_proxy_enabled_schemas: When set to true, proxy grants are added for any REST enabled schemas.