Downloading Wallet and Verifying Connection to Autonomous Database

You need to configure ORDS to connect to the Autonomous Database. With Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) running in a customer managed environment, you need to obtain the Autonomous Database wallet on the system that runs the customer managed ORDS. Perform the following steps to download the wallet and verify the connection to the Autonomous Database:

  1. Download the wallet for the Autonomous Database instance. Alternatively you can use the OCI CLI to generate the wallet. See generate-wallet for information on using the CLI.
  2. Convert the from the previous step to text. The base64 command encodes binary strings into text representations using the base64 encoding format. For example, run the following command:
    base64 -w 0 >

    This step prepares the wallet as a text file as required for use in the ORDS configuration (instructions for this follow).

  3. Verify that you can connect from the customer managed environment where you are installing and configuring ORDS to your Autonomous Database. For example, using SQLcl and the wallet you download in Step 1, verify the connection as follows:
    1. Connect with SQLcl.

      See Also:

    2. View the database services and connect to your Autonomous Database from the customer managed environment.
      SQL> show tns
      TNS_ADMIN set to: /var/folders/4r/path/T/oracle_cloud_config_path
      Available TNS Entries
      SQL> conn admin@dbname_low
      Password? (**********?) *****************