12 Getting Started with the Client Tools

You can use multiple client tools to interact with the graph server (PGX) or directly with the graph data in the database.

The following sections explain how to use the various client tools:

12.1 Using the Graph Visualization Web Client

You can use the Graph Visualization application to visualize graphs that are either loaded into the graph server (PGX) or stored in the database.

To run the graph visualization application for your installation, see Running the Graph Visualization Web Client.

12.2 Using the Jupyter Notebook Interface

You can use the Jupyter notebook interface to create, load, and query PGQL property graphs through Python.

Perform the following steps to perform graph analysis using Jupyter Notebook:
  1. Install the Jupyter Notebook application following the Jupyter documentation. The following example installs Jupyter with pip:
    pip3 install --user jupyter
  2. Ensure that your Jupyter installation is added to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Run the notebook server using the jupyter notebook command.
  4. Launch the web application using the generated URL and open a new notebook.
  5. Create and analyse a property graph.