4 Spatial Studio Accessibility Information

This topic provides information on the accessibility features for Oracle Spatial Studio.

It includes the following.

4.1 About Oracle Spatial Studio Accessibility

It is our goal to make Oracle Products, Services, and supporting documentation accessible to the disabled community. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler supports accessibility features. For additional accessibility information for Oracle products, see the Oracle Accessibility Program page at:


4.2 Oracle Spatial Studio Features that Support Accessibility

Oracle Spatial Studio provides features that are designed to support accessibility.

4.2.1 Keyboard Access with Spatial Studio

Oracle Spatial Studio features support keyboard access to the product's functionality; a summary is provided in this section. The following menu and toolbar functionality is provided through keyboard access:

  • Users can navigate to and invoke all menu items.

  • All toolbar functions are accessible through menu items.

  • All menus and menu items have unique and functioning mnemonic keys.

  • All context menus within the navigators and source editor can be invoked.

  • Frequently used menu items have unique accelerator keys.

4.2.2 Screen Reader Readability with Spatial Studio

Here is a summary of screen readability in Spatial Studio, when it is used with a screen reader.

When used with menus and toolbars:

  • All menus and menu items are read.

  • All toolbar items are read.

  • The hint text on all toolbar items is read.

4.2.3 Flexibility in Font and Color Choices with Spatial Studio

The user interface in Spatial Studio improves usability for people who are visually impaired by offering flexibility in color and font choices. The following font and color features are included:

  • Users can specify both the font and the size in which the font displays for code editors.

  • All features of the product have black text on a white or gray background.

  • Colored text, underlining, or images are never used as the only method of conveying information.

4.2.4 No Audio-only Feedback with Spatial Studio

In Spatial Studio, there is no situation in which the only feedback a user receives is audible feedback. All audible feedback is accompanied by a visual indicator. For example, a prompt accompanies the bell sound that occurs when an error or illegal action has taken place.

4.2.5 No Dependency on Blinking Cursor and Animation with Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio makes minimal use of a blinking cursor and animation:

  • No features in Spatial Studio use blinking indicators, with the exception of the cursor in the source editor.

  • No features rely on animated sequences.

4.2.6 Screen Magnifier Usability with Spatial Studio

The Spatial Studio user interface works well with screen magnifiers. All features of the product can be magnified by a screen magnifier.

4.3 Highly Visual Features of Oracle Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio includes features that are highly visual, and these features have equivalent functionality that is available to people who are blind or visually impaired, except for the generated maps, which are only visual. However, results of an analysis can also be generated as JSON and tables, as an alternative format to the visual map.

All of the functionality is available through REST APIs.

In Spatial Studio, it is possible to create, edit, and generate an analysis result using only keystrokes.