Changes in this Release for this Guide

New Features for Oracle Spatial Studio Release 24.1.0

  • Enhanced embedding of published Studio projects in external applications such as Apex: two way interactions and filtering are supported.
  • Added support for regular (non-administrator) users to easily manage their own map symbols and access tokens.

    See Uploading a Map Symbol for more information.

  • Added support to copy the unique ID of a dataset layer displayed on a map. This ID can be useful when interacting with an embedded project programmatically.
  • Enhanced Cesium 3D visualizations to support updated 3DTile set specification.
  • Added support to choose if the global HTTP proxy needs to be applied when creating a dataset based on a GeoJSON URL string.
  • Enhanced both built-in and custom map symbols due to enhanced resizing algorithm.
  • Added support for filtering datasets with large volumes of data at the server side, so that less data is processed by the map visualization.

    See Filtering Data on a Map Layer for more information.

  • Improved Heat Map rendering performance especially on large datasets.
  • Added support for incremental Geocoding. When geocoding a dataset's table, you can choose to geocode only the newly inserted rows (addresses), if the dataset has been geocoded earlier.
  • Projects, datasets, and connections can be filtered by ownership in their corresponding list views.
  • Improved messages when saving a project. Also, a full project refresh on the initial save is no longer needed.
  • Improved map visualization drag & drop feedback messages. Toast message explains why a dataset is not accepted by a visualization.
  • Primary key columns with the RAW data type in a database table or view can now be used as key column in Spatial Studio datasets.

Upgrading to Spatial Studio 24.1.0

If you are running a Spatial Studio version:

  • Earlier than 22.3.0: You must first download and successfully log into Spatial Studio 22.3.0. This is because a new version control mechanism is introduced for the metadata schema in 23.1.0 and Spatial Studio expects any existing metadata schema to already be at the version of Spatial Studio 22.3.0. Then you can upgrade to Spatial Studio 24.1.0.

    Otherwise, Spatial Studio version 24.1.0 will log the following SEVERE error message and abort the startup process.

    !!! Spatial Studio ver. 22.3.0 must be run at least once against your repository schema before upgrading to this version !!!

    See Upgrading to Spatial Studio 22.3.0 for more information.
  • 22.3.0 or later: See Upgrading Spatial Studio to upgrade to Spatial Studio 24.1.0.