6.1 Overview

This section describes the layout of the main Charts and Dashboards page.

To navigate to the Charts and Dashboards page, do either of the following:

The upper right corner has two icons:

This page consists of two sections:

  • Charts and Dashboards: Displays the total number of charts and dashboards created. Click the respective card to view the charts or dashboards created in the section below.

  • Displays the charts or dashboards created in the default card format.

The actions available for a chart or dashboard are:

  • View Chart/Dashboard: To view the chart or dashboard on a different page.

  • Edit: To make changes to the chart or dashboard.

  • Unpublish: To make the chart or dashboard unavailable for use.

  • Go to module definition: To show the module definition in the REST Modules page.

  • Delete: To delete the chart or dashboard.