This Essbase configuration setting designates the default size for the aggregate storage cache associated with aggregate storage cubes. The aggregate storage cache grows dynamically until it reaches this limit.


  • appname—Optional. Specifies the application to which the setting applies. If omitted, the setting applies to all new applications.

  • n—An integer value indicating size in megabytes. The default size is 100.


ASODEFAULTCACHESIZE specifies, in megabytes, the size of the aggregate storage cache for aggregate storage databases.

The aggregate storage cache facilitates memory usage during data loads, aggregations, and retrievals. When an aggregate storage application is started, Essbase allocates a small area in memory as the aggregate storage cache for the application. As needed, Essbase increases the cache size incrementally until the maximum cache size specified for the application is reached or until the operating system denies additional allocations.



Sets the aggregate storage cache size of all newly created or migrated aggregate storage databases as 200 megabytes.