This Essbase configuration setting controls whether block storage databases (BSO cubes) use hybrid mode for queries. Hybrid query mode for BSO means that wherever possible, queries execute with efficiency similar to that of aggregate storage (ASO) cubes.

Hybrid mode is enabled by default for BSO queries (this configuration setting is implicitly set to FULL). To enable hybrid mode for BSO calculation scripts, you must also enable HYBRIDBSOINCALCSCRIPT in the application configuration.

This setting applies only to block storage (BSO) cubes.


  • appname—Optional. Specifies the application for which hybrid query mode is applied.

    If you specify a value for appname and do not specify a value for dbname, the setting applies to all cubes in the specified application.

    To enable the setting for a specific cube, you must specify an application and cube.

  • dbname—Optional. Specifies the cube, in the application specified by appname, for which hybrid mode is applied.

    If you specify a value for dbname but do not specify a value for appname, your specification is ignored.

  • NONE—Disable hybrid mode in BSO cubes.

  • PARTIAL—Turn on hybrid mode only for simple outline formulas based on the consolidation operators +, -, and ~, but excluding the operators *, /, and %. Leave formulas to be calculated in non-hybrid BSO mode.

  • FULL—Turn on hybrid mode for queries and formula calculations. This is the default mode for new BSO cubes in Essbase 21c. If enabled, hybrid mode is in effect for member formulas using any of the supported functions. For a list of supported and unsupported functions, see Functions Supported in Hybrid Mode.

  • ONLY—Same as FULL, but if a query is not supported in hybrid mode, return an error instead of defaulting to non-hybrid BSO mode. This can be useful for testing purposes while you are migrating a cube to hybrid mode.



See Also

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