This configuration setting controls whether block storage (BSO) cubes in the Essbase application use hybrid mode in calculation scripts when stored members depend on dynamic members.

When set to FULL, the BSO calculation engine uses hybrid mode to calculate the results, and then stores them.

Hybrid mode means that wherever possible, data calculation executes with efficiency similar to that of aggregate storage (ASO) cubes.

This setting is not applicable to ASO cubes. It is applicable only for BSO cubes that have hybrid query mode enabled already.

If you enable this setting, do not disable ASODYNAMICAGGINBSO, which is on by default for BSO cubes (meaning hybrid mode is enabled for queries).


  • appname—Optional. Specifies the application for which hybrid mode is used for calculation scripts.

    If you specify a value for appname and do not specify a value for dbname, the setting applies to all cubes in the specified application.

    To enable the setting for a specific cube, you must specify an application and cube.

  • dbname—Optional. Specifies the cube, in the application specified by appname, for which hybrid mode is used.

    If you specify a value for dbname but do not specify a value for appname, your specification is ignored.

  • FULL—BSO calculation scripts run in hybrid mode.

  • NONE—Calculation scripts run in non-hybrid BSO mode. This is the default.


If your cube has a federated partition to Autonomous Data Warehouse, then this setting is FULL by default, and you cannot change it to NONE.


The following limitations apply to hybrid mode for calculation scripts. If encountered, Essbase defaults to block storage execution for these kinds of calculation scripts.

  • CALC DIM, CALC ALL, AGG, and any other assignment-free expressions that calculate a sub-tree, do not use hybrid mode.

    Oracle recommends limiting your use of CALC DIM and AGG to dimensions wherein no stored members are dependent on dynamic members. To calculate upper-level stored members that depend on dynamic members, use assignment formulas with calculation functions.

  • DATAEXPORT for dynamic members does not use hybrid mode.

  • Intelligent calculation does not use hybrid mode.

  • Do not use CREATENONMISSINGBLOCK or CREATEBLOCKONEQ in calculation scripts you want to run in hybrid mode.

  • CALCPARALLEL is not supported in hybrid mode. For parallel calculation, use FIXPARALLEL.