Differences Between Essbase Deployment Options

Review this topic to learn the differences between Essbase 21c deployment options.

For an Essbase 21c independent deployment, you install and configure Essbase using installation and configuration tools available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

If you select to use Essbase 21c deployment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you do not need to run the installation and configuration tools. The deployment process sets up Essbase on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy. Access the deployment stack listings from Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Feature or Component Independent Deployment Stack Deployment on OCI
Integration with EPM System Foundation Services Yes No
Built-in integration with Identity Cloud Service No Yes
Support for failover configuration Yes No
Essbase Administration Services (EAS Lite) Yes No

Support for federated partitions to Autonomous Data Warehouse

No Yes
Support on Windows Yes No
Support for centralized Smart View URL for multiple Essbase instances Yes No
Support for Smart View for Office (Mac and Browser). No Yes