Get Event Notifications Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications Service

Use notifications to get notified when event rules are triggered, or alarms are breached, or to directly publish a message. This feature is optional.

The use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service is optional. This service can be used by subscribers to be notified of life cycle events. Notifications service broadcasts messages to distributed components through a publish-subscribe pattern, delivering secure, highly reliable, low latency, and durable messages, for applications hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and externally. See Notifications Overview in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation. For information on managing and creating alarms, see Building Metrics and Managing Alarms.


If you don't use Monitoring service, the alternative method to monitor is to ssh into the machine and monitor the essbase-init-log file.

If notifications are enabled, messages are published on the given topic for the following events:

  • Compute instance configuration started
  • Compute instance configuration completed or failed
  • Backup started
  • Backup completed or failed