Collect Diagnostic Information on the Essbase Node

You can SSH to the Essbase node on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to collect diagnostic information for troubleshooting purposes.

To get diagnostics,
  1. Connect to the Essbase node using SSH.
  2. Change to user oracle.
    sudo su - oracle
  3. Change directory to /u01/vmtools/diagnostics
    cd /u01/vmtools/diagnostics
  4. Run the diagnostics collection script, providing as the argument a path and a filename without any extension. The script can be run without a password.
    ./ /tmp/diagnostics
where the following options are:

The syntax is as follows:

./ [--filename] [--vault | -V] [--timeout | -T]


./ /tmp/diagnostics --vault

The script has the following parameters and options:

--filename sets the target zip file name to generate.

--vault or -V sets the script to take the required credentials (admin password) stored in the vault, accessed using the OCID, instead of prompting the user for the password.

--timeout or -T sets the timeout duration (in seconds) to collect diagnostic information. (default = 600)

If option --vault or -V is not used, you are prompted to enter the database admin (clear text) password. The protected password is not displayed as you enter it.

Diagnostics are collected in a compressed file (for example,