Patch and Roll Back - for Version and Earlier

You can patch and roll back an Oracle Essbase cloud instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

For version and earlier.
  1. Access the Essbase node using SSH, as described Access Oracle Essbase Using SSH.
  2. Stop Essbase instance, as user opc user.
    sudo systemctl stop essbase.service 
  3. Set environment variables, as user oracle.
    export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle
    export OPATCH_NO_FUSER=true
  4. Download the OPATCH patch file from My Oracle Support. If you do not have access to patches in My Oracle Support, please open a service request with Oracle Support.
  5. Copy the downloaded patch zip file to cloud instance, using a tool such as WinSCP, SCP, Filezilla, and others.
    If you use WinSCP, for example, on the WinSCP Login page, under Session, enter the Host name, Port number, User name opc, Private key file, and click Login. The file is copied.
  6. Ensure that user oracle has read access to the OPATCH file.
  7. Apply OPATCH, as user oracle. You can apply OPATCH directly while in zip format. Provide the absolute path of the zip file.
     $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply /tmp/Marketplace/<OPATCH_ID>.zip
    Note: If you want, you can optionally unzip the zip file and apply the patch. Provide the absolute path of the unzipped folder.
    unzip ./<OPATCH_ID>.zip
    $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply /tmp/Marketplace/<OPATCH_ID>/ 
  8. Start the Essbase cloud instance, as user opc.
    sudo systemctl start essbase.service 
    Verify the log to see that all binaries patched successfully. Log in to Essbase instance and verify the build number in admin→About.
  9. [OPTIONAL] If you need to roll back the applied patch, do the following steps.
    1. If the Essbase instance is running, first stop Essbase system service, as user opc, as described above.
    2. Run the rollback command:
      $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch rollback -id <OPATCH_ID>
      For example: $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch rollback -id 30081463
    3. Restart the Essbase instance after rollback. If you're unable to login in, clear the Essbase related browser cache or open a new browser.