Connection String Formats

Here are formats of connection strings used by relational databases that Essbase supports for configuring the RCU repository database.

These connection strings are useful when, while using the Essbase configuration tool, you get to the Database Connection screen.

The supported databases you can use for Essbase RCU schemas are listed in the Certification Matrix under Database.

Oracle Database

Here are examples of several supported connection string formats for specifying Oracle Database as the repository:

Syntax (PDB):
Example (PDB):
Syntax (SID):
Example (SID):
Syntax (Service_Name):
Example (Service_Name):

Syntax (Long service name):

Example (Long service_Name):

Microsoft SQL Server

Here is an example of the connection string format for specifying Microsoft SQL Server as the repository:

In the example, DBschema (or myDBschema) is the name of the external source schema that contains tables and data.