8 Work with Sources

Using saved connections and Datasources, you can set up cubes to interact easily with a variety of source data.

For example, you can set up a partition between a cube and RDBMS tables, share data between a cube and Oracle Database, develop security filters using variables to fetch members or user names from outside source data, and load data from REST API endpoints.

Many cube operations require connection information, such as login details, to access remote source data or hosts. You can define these as connections and Datasources once, and reuse them in various operations, so that you do not have to specify the details each time you perform a task.

You can implement saved connections and Datasources either globally or per application. These abstractions facilitate the following operations:

  • Loading dimensions and data

  • Importing cubes

  • Defining variable security filters

  • Connecting cubes using partitions, and accessing real-time data

  • Drilling through to remote sources of data

Topics in this chapter: