Shutting Down a Cluster

Perform the following to gracefully shut down a cluster:

  1. Stop the TimesTen daemon monitor (ttCRSmaster), cache agent and replication agent and unload the database (if not in use) with the ttCWAdmin -stop command:
    ttCWAdmin -stop -dsn myDSN
  2. Drop the active standby pair with the ttCWAdmin -drop command. This command also deregisters the TimesTen daemon monitor (ttCRSmaster) resource from Clusterware.
    ttCWAdmin -drop -dsn myDSN
  3. Stop the TimesTen cluster agent (ttCRSAgent) and TimesTen cluster daemon monitor (ttCRSDaemon) on all hosts with the ttCWAdmin -shutdown command:
    ttCWAdmin -shutdown


    By default, the ttCWAdmin -shutdown command shuts down the set of hosts defined within the ttcrsagent.options file. However, you can specifically identify the hosts you want shut down with the optional -hosts argument.

    The default behavior is to deregister from Clusterware all TimesTen processes that are registered as Clusterware resources for cluster agents (ttCRSAgent) and TimesTen daemon monitors (ttCRSdaemon). If the optional -noderegister argument is included, TimesTen Clusterware resources will not be deregistered.

  4. Prevent the automatic startup of Oracle Clusterware when the server boots by running the Oracle Clusterware crsctl disable crs command as root or OS administrator:
    crsctl disable crs
  5. Optionally, you can gracefully shutdown each TimesTen database on the active, standby and subscriber hosts by disconnecting all applications and then running the following command on each host:
    ttDaemonAdmin -stop