What's New

This section summarizes the new features of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 22.1 that are documented in this guide. It provides links to more information.

New features in Release

  • There is support for global indexes. See:
  • The CREATE PROFILE and ALTER PROFILE statements support password complexity checker functions. These functions enable passwords to be verified. See "CREATE PROFILE" and "ALTER PROFILE" for details.
  • There is support for static read-only cache groups in TimesTen Scaleout. See "CREATE CACHE GROUP" for more information.
  • You can create a hybrid cache group. This is a dynamic read-only cache group where the root table does not exist in the Oracle database. See "CREATE CACHE GROUP" for details.
  • The following optimizer hints are supported in TimesTen Classic and are specific to TimesTen Cache.
    • TT_DynamicPassThrough
    • TT_DynamicLoadMultiplePKs
    • TT_DynamicLoadRootTbl

    See "Statement level optimizer hints" for details.

  • There is support for the TT_CountAsInt optimizer hint. This hint controls the return data type for the COUNT function. See "Statement level optimizer hints" for details.