This preface describes the document accessibility features and conventions used in Oracle Guided Learning.


OGL is designed with accessibility features to support assistive technologies, such as screen readers, as well as keyboard navigation. For more information about Oracle's commitment to accessibility, see

Navigation & Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can navigate within OGL, transition between OGL and the host application, and access all relevant functionality using only the keyboard. Assistive technology is not required to use keyboard-only navigation. When a guide is running and a tip appears, the focus will be placed on the tip and then the Tab key may be used to navigate within the tip. Tabbing accesses the OGL Launcher as the last item on a page’s Tab order. Using the keyboard shortcut below to open and close the Help Panel is a quicker method to access OGL.

Keyboard shortcuts enable user interface actions without a mouse. Following is a list of shortcuts available for OGL and their function:

Windows Keyboard Shortcut Mac Keyboard Shortcut Description
Alt+Ctrl+H Control+Option+H Opens and closes the Help panel the Help Panel. Use the Tab key to move through the Help Panel items / and press Enter to select the desired choice.. (For launch guide/ Job Aid options) use arrow keys, then Enter.
Alt+Ctrl+G Control+Option+G Toggle the focus from the tip on the screen to the element to which it is associated. The same shortcut is used for toggling focus on the Feedback modal. Please see below for variations for Splash tips with the target element “body”:
  • For splash without overlay: Give focus to the first focusable element on the page.
  • For splash with overlay: Screen reader will read "Unable to switch focus from splash tip with overlay".
Alt+Ctrl+L Alt+Ctrl+L Use this shortcut to open or close the language selection menu in the Help Panel.
Alt+Ctrl+M Control+Option+M For Legacy Help Panel only, this shortcut moves the focus to the first display group on the display group menu in the Help Panel.
Alt+Ctrl+T Control+Option+T

Enter/Exit task list mode for autoloaded task lists. Entering into task list mode will select the first task list on the screen and use the tab key to select any action items. Use '[' or ']' to switch between multiple task lists. When using some screen reader, you may need to use 'Alt + ]' or 'Alt + ]' . When you launch a task list item, it automatically exits from task list mode so that other guide shortcuts should not be get blocked.

Note: This shortcut is functional for autoloaded task lists only.

Alt+Ctrl+B Control+Option+B Toggle the pulsing of active beacons on the page on or off.
Alt+Ctrl+S Alt+Ctrl+S Use this shortcut to switch on/off hover mode. When this mode is switched on, the first hover tip in the page will appear. The “[“(left bracket) or “]” (right bracket) will navigate the user around all the hover tips available on the page. (Smart tip and Beacon tip are considered hover tips). Use the same Alt+Ctrl+S shortcut to exit this mode.

NB: Navigation keys vary from one screen reader (like JAWS) to another.

Alt+Ctrl+C Control+Option+C Toggle the focus from the element to smart tip it is associated with. the same shortcut can be used to navigate back to element.
Esc Key Esc Key If the focus is on the Help Panel, the Esc button will close the Help Panel and return focus to the host application. If the focus is on a tip, the Esc button will close the tip AND close the guide.
To disable or adjust keyboard shortcuts apply/embed the following scripts:
Action Script to Embed
Disable the keyboard shortcut iridize.allowKeyboardShortcuts = false;
Override default keyboard shortcut iridize.hotKeys = {guideFocus : 'Alt+G', showOrHideBeacon : 'Ctrl+Alt+B' }
Disable a specific keyboard shortcut (Set an empty string as per the example) iridize.hotKeys = {guideFocus : 'Alt+G', showOrHideBeacon : '' }
Here is the complete list of hot key names which can be used in embed JS as explained above:
Hotkey name Default value (Windows) Default value (Mac)
helpWidget Alt+Crtl+H Control+Option+H
languageSelection Alt+Ctrl+L Control+Option+L
displayGroupFocus Alt+Ctrl+M Control+Option+M
guideFocus Alt+Ctrl+G Control+Option+G
hoverTipMode Alt+Ctrl+S Control+Option+G
taskList Alt+Ctrl+T Control+Option+T
showOrHideBeacon Alt+Ctrl+B Control+Option+B
currentSmartTip Alt+Ctrl+C Control+Option+C