E.4 Managing the Report Output

Use the list of commands to manage compliance checks report output.


[-syslog] [-tag tagname] 
[-diff old_report new_report [-outfile output_HTML]] 
[-merge [-force] collections]


Table E-3 Managing Output

Option Description


Writes JSON results to syslog.

-tag tagname

Appends the tagname specified to the output report name.

The tagname must contain only alphanumeric characters.


Argument to an option.

If -o is followed by v, (or verbose, and neither option is case-sensitive), then the command prints passed checks on the screen.

If the -o option is not specified, then the command prints only the failed checks on the screen.


Does not show passed checks in the generated output.


Does not print health score in the HTML report.

-diff old_report new_report [-outfile output_HTML]

Reports the difference between the two HTML reports.

Specify a directory name or a ZIP file or an HTML report file as old_report and new_report.

-merge [-force] collections

Merges a comma-delimited list of collections and prepares a single report.