E.14 Running Auto Start

Use the list of commands to start or stop auto start.

Table E-13 Auto start

Option Description


Configures auto start. You must run this command as root.

The daemon restarts at 1 am every day to discover any environment changes. The daemon runs a full local Oracle ORAchk check once every week at 3 am, and a partial run of the most impactful checks at 2 am every day through the oratier1 or exatier1 profiles. The daemon automatically purges the oratier1 or exatier1 profile run that runs daily, after a week. The daemon also automatically purges the full local run after 2 weeks. You can change the daemon settings after enabling auto start.


Daemon mode is supported only on the Linux and Solaris operating systems.


Removes auto start configuration. You must run this command as root.