6 Oracle Database Appliance Postinstallation Tasks

Complete these administrative tasks after you have deployed software, but before the system is operational.

Configuring CPU Core Count

Oracle Database Appliance is delivered with all 36 cores on each server enabled. Follow this procedure to reduce the number of cores, if required.

  1. To reduce the number of cores, run the following command on Node 0 only:
    Set the cores in multiples of 2, for example, 12:
    [root@oak1 opt]# /opt/oracle/dcs/bin/odacli update-cpucore --cores 12
  2. Check if the job completed successfully:
    [root@oak1 opt]# /opt/oracle/dcs/bin/odacli describe-job -i job_ID
  3. Verify that the core count is updated on both nodes:
    [root@oak1 opt]# /opt/oracle/dcs/bin/odacli describe-cpucore 

Securing Oracle ILOM Service Processors

Change the Oracle ILOM default password after completing Oracle Database Appliance deployment.

Do not change the default password until after you have completed software deployment on the Oracle Appliance.

Changing Oracle ILOM Password from the Console

  1. In the Oracle ILOM console, from the Administration menu, select User Management, and then navigate to the User Accounts subtab.

  2. Select root user and click Edit.

  3. Change the root user password.

Changing Oracle ILOM Password Using CLI Commands

  1. Connect to the Oracle ILOM console through SSH:

    # ssh -l root SP-ipaddr
  2. Set the new password:

    # set /SP/users/root password=new_password
    Changing password for user /SP/users/root/password...
    Enter new password again: *********
    New password was successfully set for user /SP/users/root

Changing Oracle Database Appliance Passwords

After deploying your appliance, ensure that you change the following passwords for securing your system.

Changing the Oracle Installation Owner Passwords

During deployment, the root and database users SYS, SYSTEM and PDBADMIN are set to the system password. After deployment, the oracle and grid passwords are also set to the system password. Change the passwords to comply with your enterprise user security protocols. Refer to the Oracle Database Appliance Security Guide and Oracle Database Security Guide for information about the required configuration and best practices to secure database systems.

Changing the oda-admin User Password through the Command-Line

  1. Log in to the appliance as root.

  2. Run the odacli-adm set-credential command to reset the password. Enter the new password when prompted.

    # odacli-adm set-credential --password --username oda-admin
      Agent password: new password

Changing the the oda-admin User Password through the Web Console

  1. Log into the Web Console using the user name oda-admin.

  2. Click About, then User Settings in the upper right corner of the Web Console.

  3. Enter the password in the Password field and the Password Confirmation field, then click Submit.

    A confirmation message is displayed.

  4. Click About, then click Sign Out.

  5. Log back into the Web Console with the new password.