About Information Publisher

Information Publisher provides powerful reporting and publishing capability. Information Publisher reports present an intuitive interface to critical decision-making information stored in the Management Repository while ensuring the security of this information by taking advantage of Enterprise Manager's security and access control.

Information Publisher's intuitive user-interface allows you to create and publish reports with little effort. The key benefits of using Information Publisher are:

  • Provides a framework for creating content-rich, well-formatted HTML reports based on Management Repository data.

  • Out-of-box reports let you start generating reports immediately without any system configuration or setup.

  • Ability to schedule automatic generation of reports and store scheduled copies and/or e-mail them to intended audiences.

  • Ability for Enterprise Manager administrators to share reports with the entire business community: executives, customers, and other Enterprise Manager administrators.

Information Publisher provides you with a feature-rich framework that is your central information source for your enterprise.