43 Using Information Publisher

Information Publisher, Enterprise Manager's reporting framework, makes information about your managed environment available to audiences across your enterprise. Strategically, reports are used to present a view of enterprise monitoring information for business intelligence purposes, but can also serve an administrative role by showing activity, resource utilization, and configuration of managed targets. IT managers can use reports to show availability of sets of managed systems. Executives can view reports on availability of applications (such as corporate email) over a period of time.


Alternatively, you can also create reports using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.

For information on developing BI Publisher reports for Enterprise Manager, see

The reporting framework allows you to create and publish customized reports: Intuitive HTML-based reports can be published via the Web, stored, or e-mailed to selected recipients. Information Publisher comes with a comprehensive library of predefined reports that allow you to generate reports out-of-box without additional setup and configuration.

This chapter covers the following topics: