Sharing Reports

Information Publisher facilitates easy report sharing with the entire user community. Enterprise Manager administrators can share reports with other administrators and roles. However, there may be cases when you need to share reports with non-Enterprise Manager administrators, such as customers and/or business executives. To facilitate information sharing with these users, Enterprise Manager renders a separate reporting Web site that does not require user authentication.


To ensure that no sensitive information is compromised, only Enterprise Manager administrators with a special system privilege are allowed to publish reports to the Enterprise Manager reports Web site.

Information Publisher honors Enterprise Manager roles and privileges, ensuring that only Enterprise Manager administrators can create reports on the information they are allowed to see.When sharing reports, administrators have an option of allowing report viewers to see the report with the owner's privileges. For example, as a system administrator you might want to share a host's performance information with a DBA using your server, but you do not want to grant the DBA any privileges on your host target. In this case, you could create a host performance report, and allow the DBA to view it with your privileges. This way, they only see the information you want them to see, without having access to the host homepage.