Scheduling Reports

Enterprise manager allows you to view reports interactively and/or schedule generation of reports on a flexible schedule. For example, you might want to generate an "Inventory Snapshot" report of all of the servers in your environment every day at midnight.

Flexible Schedules

Cloud Control provides the following scheduling options:

  • One-time report generation either immediately or at any point in the future

  • Periodic report generation

    • Frequency: Any number of Minutes/ Hours/ Days/ Weeks/ Months/ Years

    • You can generate copies indefinitely or until a specific date in the future.

Storing and Purging Report Copies

Enterprise Manager allows you to store any number of scheduled copies for future reference. You can delete each stored copy manually or you can set up automated purging based on either the number of stored copies or based on retention time. For example, you can have Enterprise Manager purge all reports that are more than 90 days old.

E-mailing Reports

You can choose for scheduled reports to be e-mailed to any number of recipients. You can specify reply-to address and subject of the e-mail.