Before You Begin Installing Cygwin

  • With Cygwin version cygcheck (cygwin) 2.0.1, short passwords with fewer than 8 characters are not allowed.

  • Before starting with the SSHD setup, ensure you are not using OpenSSH and MKSNT when using the Add Host Targets Wizard. To do so, perform the following checks:

  1. Ensure OpenSSH\bin and mksnt are not in your PATH environment variable. If they are, remove them by doing the following:
    1. Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties.
    2. In the System Properties window, click Advanced.
    3. In this tab, click Environment Variables.
    4. Here, search for the PATH system variable, select it, and if the OpenSSH\bin and mksnt are present in PATH, click Edit.
    5. In the Edit System Variable dialog box, delete these two values from PATH, then click OK.

    Edit SystemVariable dialog box

  2. Stop the SSH Daemon if it is running from OpenSSH, MKS or any other vendor. If the SSH Daemon is running, stop it by doing the following:
    1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Manage.
    2. In the Computer Management window, in the left pane, expand Services and Applications, and select Services.
    3. In the right pane, click the SSH Daemon/MKS Secure Shell service, then click the Stop button.

    Computer Management Window


    The navigational steps described in this section may vary for different Microsoft Windows operating systems.