Automate the steps required when Weblogic Server is migrated from physical host to logical host.


 emcli relocate_wls
  -target_name = <domain target name to relocate> -host = <new host of domain>
  -port = <new port of domain> -dest_agent = <new destination agent>
  [-input_file = old_to_new_host_mapping_file:"<fully qualified path of old_to_new_host_mapping_file.csv>"]

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional.


  • -target_name

    Complete Target name of Domain to be migrated

  • -host

    Host Name of the Admin Server running on new host

  • -port

    Port of the Admin Server running on new host

  • -dest_agent

    New agent to relocate targets of WebLogic Domain

  • -input_file

    Fully-qualified path of the CSV-formatted file that contains multiple lines of old host to new host mapping. This is used to update host property of targets from old host to the new host provided in the mapping file.

    Each line has the following format:,,,
  • -debug

    Runs the verb in verbose mode for debugging purposes.

  • -no_delete

    By default, node manager targets which contain old host will be deleted. If this option is provided, node manager targets will not be deleted.


Example 1

The following example migrates a target from an old host to a new host.

 emcli relocate_wls -target_name=/EMGC_GCDomain/GCDomain