6 Monitoring Oracle Linux Virtualization Infrastructure Cloud

This chapter describes how to discover and monitor Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Based on the open source oVirt project, Oracle Linux Virtualization (OLV) Manager allows you to support on-premises data center deployments with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor already available on Oracle Linux 7.6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5.

You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor OLV Manager and all its constituent parts. The following components are automatically added when you discover an OLV Manager instance:
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: System target that contains OLV Datacenter, Cluster, Server and Virtual Machine
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Datacenter: A logical entity that defines the set of resources used in a specific environment. A data center is considered a container resource, in that it is comprised of logical resources, in the form of clusters and hosts; network resources, in the form of logical networks and physical NICs; and storage resources, in the form of storage domains.
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Cluster: A logical grouping of hosts that share the same storage domains and have the same type of CPU (either Intel or AMD). If the hosts have different generations of CPU models, they use only the features present in all models.
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Server (hypervisor): Oracle Linux 7 Hosts with KVM enabled.
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Virtual Machine (VM): A virtual environment that emulates physical computer hardware.
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control comes with a comprehensive set of predefined performance and health metrics that enables automated monitoring of the Oracle Linux Virtualization environment. Because all OLV components are full-fledged Enterprise Manager targets, monitoring an OLV Manager instance lets you monitor out-of-box metrics for all sub-components.

This chapter covers the following topics: