Upload Migration Tools

Migration Workbench uses Instant Client and the ADB Schema Advisor as part of its migration toolkit. Make sure these utilities are uploaded into the Enterprise Manager software library for Database Migration to work successfully. Enterprise Manager automatically downloads the latest version of the tools when setup with either a MOS Proxy or direct internet connection. If these utilities are not available from the Software Library for your operating system you will need to download them manually. This usually occurs when the latest version of the Migration Tools are not compatible with your current version of the Operating System.

Instant Client

Oracle Instant Client provides the necessary Oracle Database client-side command-line utilities: SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump. Instant Client simplifies the deployment of applications by eliminating the need for an Oracle home on the client machines, leading to a significantly smaller footprint.
Operation Tools Used Comments
Export expdp This will be used from the source Database home as part of the Lift operation.
Upload N/A OCI REST APIS will be used
Import sqlplus/impdp These are required in the destination Database, make sure you have the latest version matching the OCI Database version.
For more information on Instant Client see: Oracle Instant Client. To download SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump zip files see:Oracle Instant Client Downloads, make sure you download the correct version corresponding to your operating system. To download the zip files, first select your operating system to view the available zip files.

To upload the Migration Tools into Enterprise Manager for a migration see step 3 Optional Upload Migration Tools in Migrate Using Database Migration Workbench.

ADB Schema Advisor

This is a light-weight utility that analyzes compatibility of your on-premises or cloud Oracle Database schema before migrating them to an Oracle Autonomous Database. The Advisor discovers the schema objects and performs a deep analysis to highlight the differences between the source Database and when the object gets created on an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse or Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database.

The ADB Schema Advisor is available as part of the following MOS Note: Oracle Autonomous Database Schema Advisor (Doc ID 2462677.1)